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Industrial Design

Concept development, problem solving, and surface design for manufactured products.

Mechanical Engineering

Product development, 3D CAD modeling, and testing of manufacturable design solutions.


Creating a voice and language for a given company spoken through the language of it’s products.

User Research

Discovering insights, needs, and design trends using thorough research techniques with real world users.

Concept Visualization

Creating stunning digital renderings and animations that transforming a thought, into a realized concept.


Building working models to test function and manufacturability of design. 


Working with manufacturing partners overseas, products are taken from 3D files to real world objects.

Production Support

Working alongside our manufacturing partners to troubleshoot and problem-solve production issues.

What we do

Zoe delivers a synthesis of branding, research, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and production expertise. We utilize these skills to create innovative, manufacturable, and cost-effective solutions.

How we do it

We coordinate with our manufacturing partners to troubleshoot and problem-solve production issues, efficiently guiding our clients through the production process.